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Nutrition Services

Women with PCOS cooking in the kitchen

PCOS Management

Currently, there is no cure for PCOS. Changes to diet and lifestyle changes is the first-line approach to managing PCOS and its symptoms.

I have helped women just like you manage their PCOS symptoms so that they can go on to live their best lives. I do this because I understand your pain and I care about your health and wellness.

Nutrition for Fertility

Every woman wants to be fertile and have no issues with conceiving. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many women.

Changes in diet, nutrition and lifestyle can play a critical role in increasing our fertility status. I have helped many women just like you ensure their health and wellness is the best it can be to aid in fertility concerns.

Prenatal Nutrition

I know you want the best outcome for yourself and your baby. As women, we all deal with the stress and worry that comes with carrying a baby.

I provided you with the nutrition information to make informed decisions about your health and ensure you are the healthiest you can be before, during and after pregnancy.

Nutrition Counselling Prices

Initial Assessment


Together we will:

Complete a 60-minute comprehensive assessment of your current nutritional status.  

Review your health and medical history, dietary supplements, medications, nutrition habits, physical activity and lifestyle factors.  

Create goals that are specific to your lifestyle and your health.

Take the first steps to finding your personalized balance 

Handouts and resources to help make your goals easier and have them come to life

Follow Up


Together we will:

Complete a 30-minute re-assessment of your current nutritional status 

Review progress, changes and/or encountered barriers since the first appointment.

Continuous 1-on-1 virtual support (phone, video calls, email)

Review food, mood and symptom journal (dependent on your goals and preferences).

Handouts and resources to help make your goals easier and have them come to life.

We Direct Bill